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You will notice that this year we will not be reading the books of the New Testament in the order you might expect. I have arranged our reading a bit differently for a few reasons:

1) By reading this way, we will not read the life of Jesus all-at-once and then not read it again for the year.  Rather, we will read about the life of Jesus throughout the year.  For example-- this schedule will have us reading John's gospel so that it ends around Easter and Matthew's gospel will lead us into Christmas.

2) The New Testament was arranged similarly to the Old Testament: The Old Testament is arranged by content:
            --historical books were placed first (Genesis through Nehemiah)
           --writings are second (Esther through Song of Solomon)
           --prophets are placed last (Isaiah through Malachi).

The New Testament was arranged the same way:
            --historical books are first (Gospels and Acts)
            --writings (Romans through Jude)
            --prophets (Revelation)

That makes sense, but the books of the New Testament were not written in that order.  So, they don't necessarily need to be read in that order.  This year, we will be reading the letters in the order in which they were probably written and the historical/prophetic books placed in between.

3) This method also allows us to have a change of pace.  In addition to the New Testament, we will be pausing from time to time to read Old Testament along the way.  For example, we will be reading a few chapters in Genesis right as spring arrives, we will read some of the great Thanksgiving psalms at that season.  We will visit Daniel, Ruth, and Esther.

So, please follow along!  By the end of the year, you will have read the entire New Testament.

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